As a new member we will instruct you on how to use the tanning beds. To establish your base tan, we recommend that you come in once a day for 3 consecutive days (tanning times will vary according to skin types) skip one day then 3 more consecutive days. It is important to do this in succession to achieve a good base tan that will be easily maintained. After you have the tan you want, just 1 or 2 sessions a week will maintain your tan all year long!

standard Beds ~ 20 minute beds

Our standard tanning beds use 28, 7.5% UVB browning bulbs, and utilize 2 facial tanners. For a deep dark relaxing tan, this is the bed for you!   

One session =$ 7.00  One Month unlimited = $55.00    Platinum Membership = $20.00 Monthly


The Sun Capsule Vertical Tanning System will take you to the next level of the tanning process to provide the quickest, darkest all over tan in only 12 minutes. The 200 watt lamps utilize the highest levels of UVA (the rays that brown your skin) and very low levels of UVB (the rays that burn your skin) in a combination that is so dark that you have to see it to believe it. Not only that, but because of the no sweat environment created by our high powered cooling system, the Sun Capsule tanning experience is the most hygienic and comfortable tanning system around. 

One session = $9.00   One Month unlimited = $65.00    Platinum Membership = $20.00 Monthly

ULTRA BED - 12 Minute Bed

The ULTRA BED is a bed that has 36 lamps that use higher levels of UVB (the rays that burn your skin). This bed is a 12 minute bed and is only for the more experienced tanner. One session = $9.00   One Month unlimited = $65.00   Platinum Membership = $20.00 Monthly

mega bed ~ 12 minute bed

Our ‘Star Power’ Mega Bed is designed to provide a much deeper richer tan than normal tanning units because it stimulates the tanning process from deeper layers of skin. This means your tan is darker and will last about twice as long as compared to normal tanning units. Due to the high amounts of UVA rays put out by this unit the "redness" normally associated with tanning is bypassed and the tanning process is enhanced. After 2-3 sessions you will notice a "tropical" type brown color and very little burn, if any, will occur. For a dark, deep, rich tan in 12 minutes, this is your bed! This bed uses 15,000 watts and has 56 bulbs. Maximum exposure time is 12 minutes per session.

 One session = $12.00   One Month unlimited = $89.00     Platinum Membership = $40.00 Monthly


Our Super Cyclone is the newest most innovative, high-tech stand up out on the market today. With a 5-7 minute maximum tanning time and guaranteed no sweat environment you will not be disappointed in this one-of-kind machine. It delivers a high pressure performance and a tan darker than anyone could imagine from a fluorescent sunlamp, using 45% more UVA (browning) and just enough UVB (reddening) to produce a deep dark tan in the 5 to 6 minute range. The other stand-ups out on the market just don’t compare. It is a tan you have to see to believe!

One session = $15.00   One Month unlimited = $119.00    Platinum Membership = $40.00 Monthly

SOUTH BEACH - 12 Minute Bed

Come in and enjoy the total South Beach experience, all in 12 minutes. The Ultrasun Powerhouse 6000 is a genuine "wide body" tanning machine in Jumbo Jet dimension. Due to its large radius this tanner from the Ultrasun Luxury Class provides an unprecedented level of space and reclining comfort.  One session = $15.00   One Month unlimited = $119.00   Platinum Membership = $40.00 Monthly

The Cali - 12 Minute Bed

Come in and enjoy the total SoCal experience, all in 12 minutes. There’s No Power Like a StarPower bed. The new facial tanning and cooling system of the StarPower 548 tanning bed will enhance your tanning experience.

  One session = $15.00   One Month unlimited = $119.00   Platinum Membership = $40.00 Monthly


Tan Fast with High Pressure

The Velocity Tanning bed is the most revolutionary 360 degree high pressure tanning bed in the industry.  The radical shape of the velocity HP1000 tanning bed puts our clients in the center of the tanning power by scientifically angling thee banks of lamps for a uniform, full body tan. 

One session = $28.00   One Month unlimited = $179.00     Platinum Membership = $60.00 Monthly