Flawless Body Detailing in Under 4 minutes

$35.00 Single Session

$40.00 - Speedy Tan

$42.00 - Spray and Bake

$57.00 - Cocktail Tan


~ Speedy Tan ! ~

Shower off in 2, 3 or 4 hours instead of the usual 6 to 8 hours!

Going out Tonight? Short for Time? Just ask for Speedy Tan.

($5.00 additional)

~Spray & Bake ! ~

Single spray session

Plus a 5 Minute session in our Cyclone Stand up.


~ NEW: Cocktail Tan !~ $57.00 ~

Includes 1 Velocity Session

1 UV Cocktail Packet

1 Custom Hand Spray

Get a Boost in your color AND have it last LONGER!!


Get your body detailed with our personalized Turbo Hand Spray in our private spraying room. One of our professional female technicians will airbrush your tan on you evenly, paying attention to certain areas that may need extra sculpting or color detail. All of our employees are certified airbrush technicians and appointments are available for all the hours the salon is open.


For tips on how to prepare for your spray tan Click Here.

4 different levels of Color. Light, Medium, Dark and Extra Dark.


Color lasts from 7 to 10 days.



The Ladies of Hot Spot Tanning follow a strict


 "NO GOSSIP" Privacy Clause.


This clause is to ensure to our clients and friends that we, Owners and Technicians of Hot Spot Tanning, have never - AND WILL NEVER - reveal to any other person (friend or foe) any information discussed in our sessions. We know how easy it is to chat up a storm and become friendly, and we will never discuss any information with anyone else outside of our spray room. :) We will also honor your request should you not want anyone else to know if you've been spray tanned.We have become very close and have received personal information from several of our clients, that we promise this:


♥ We promise that we will not fail you as a technician or as a friend, and we will give you the best spray tan possible and help you maintain it.


♥ We promise you that through your skin and bones, fat and rolls; through spider veins and surgery scars; through hairy legs or sweaty pores, we promise this: WE DO NOT, and WILL NOT, judge you in any shape way or form, no matter what your shape or form is.

♥ With our “No Gossip” Privacy Clause, be assured that you never have to worry about anyone knowing your "body flaws" … or anything else about you!  What happens in this room stays in this room! 

For each person who might be uncomfortable about his or her figure, please…don’t be. You are the boss.  You are paying us – the Technicians – for a service.  Not the other way around.  YOU choose what you’re comfortable doing, such as what to wear; or if you’re going to be brave and go “au natural”. 

We are good at what we do, and we LOVE YOU :)

Dressing Room

Spray Tan Room